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Pattern making
Gradation of patterns
Production of prototypes
Production of small and medium sized collections



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Behind every successful fashion brand stands a dedicated and capable manufacturer

SlowFashionFast is a clothing manufacturing company born from the idea to boost fashion start-ups, young designers and small fashion businesses by meeting their production needs. Based in Bosnia, we are a clothing manufacturing company dedicated to maintain the European clothing production footprint. We identify ourselves as a people-oriented learning organisation that thrives through flat hierarchies and intercultural exchange of knowledge. To us manufacturing is a craft, one that we are passionate about. We support creative ideas and seek constant refinement of our craft through close collaboration with our customers.

Our experienced team is dedicated to help access excellent manufacturing services and solutions. At the same time we firmly believe in ethical working conditions and strive to set an industry benchmark. This means raising the bar for quality and keeping production numbers manageable. In doing so we offer a standard of service that isn’t available everywhere - one that works for our clients, our employees and the environment. This is what ‘Made in Bosnia & Herzegovina’ means to us.

Bella Seta

Bella Seta is our production site located in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina and its doors are always open to visitors during working hours. What sets us apart as a manufacturing company is the way we strive to operate. We like to offer our customers a transparent level of communication throughout the entire production process and the possibility to visit and work with us directly at the production site. We cherish our collaborations and consider them an additional opportunity to recognise the effort of all participants and understand them as a mutual learning process.

Our services

Our manufacturing services include pattern making, grading, sampling, sewing, quality control, textile production and crafts, check and packing service. Our primary field of expertise is garments of woven fabrics such as t-shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, coats and uniforms. We can manufacture unstructured woven garments and continue to add and new textiles and methods to our portfolio. The maximum number for orders is set to a limit of 2000 pieces. This is how we believe everyone benefits: fair production hours on our side, while small brands and startups are given a shot to enter the market without the risks of overstock. It’s quite simple, we love what we do and ultimately we want to help your brand thrive.